IT WAS IN MY BACKYARD: Greg T saw a woman on the news the other day who found a 12ft. lizard in her backyard. Animal control was called to exhume it from her yard! What did you wake up to find in your backyard?

DRUNK=GROSS FOOD: Greg T saw a girl that was so drunk she was eating potato chips off the subway floor. EW! What did you eat becauseyou were so drunk?

HOT TUBS: Greg T went into a hot tub store. Every time he sees hot tubs all he can think about is sex! What do you use hot tubs for? Aren’t they for sex? Greg T has no other thoughts about hot tubs besides complete pornography. Is he wrong?

I GOT LUCKY LAST NIGHT: Were you lucky last night? In what way? What happened that you were lucky last night?

DUMPING THE SUMMER FLING: You are moving on with your life, and your summer fling doesn’t know it yet. Summer was great and you had so much fun with him or her, but Labor Day is where it ends. Who are you dumping, and when?