Friday Edition: TV #TopicTrain

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: What is it like being a Butler or a Maid? The butler in American Horror Story has to cover up evidence at all times and secure the house. What scandalous things have you had to cover up as a maid, butler or nanny?

NEW GIRL: So Nick’s best friend comes to town and elects to go to a strip club. Ladies, what trouble has your boyfriend gotten into when his best friend came to town?

GREY’S ANATOMY: What was it that broke you and your BFF up? How long has it been since the two of you have spoken? Was it over a guy? What’s your side of the story?

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Has your girlfriend or boyfriend ever come back to life after being dead for 2000 years? Was it crazy to see them again? Were you shocked? What was the first thing you said?

THE MINDY PROJECT: So Mindy meets a guy who she feels is really, really DUMB! (Flat out Dumb!) So ladies, give an example of how dumb your man was (past tense). Greg T is guessing he was good in bed, but too dumb to keep around.