PROPOSAL GONE WRONG: Greg T heard that one of our listeners proposed to his girlfriend, but she said no! The reason? They were in a restaurant and she didn’t want to get engaged in a restaurant! Why did you say no?

GROWING A BEARD: Everyone seems to be growing a beard these days. Why are you growing a beard? Ladies, have you asked your man to grow a beard? Will he? On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like beards?

RESOLUTIONS THIS YEAR: New Year’s Resolutions are always so hard to keep! Whether it’s going to the gym or seeing new friends or being nicer or organizing yourself, whatever it is, they’re hard to keep! So what resolution did you make for 2014 that you have already broken?

FROZEN: Almost everywhere across the US, the temperatures are dropping like crazy. I heard someone say… “It’s so cold outside my shadowing is freezing!" Give us all your “It’s so cold outside” jokes!

SET ON FIRE: What did you set on fire accidentally ?

BABY’S DADDY: Are you pregnant and not sure who the Daddy is? Who’s the Daddy?!?! Are you going through this presently? How’s that going for you?