GARBAGE MAN: The garbage man came to Greg-T's house the other day and zoom, there went the garbage. Do you ever wonder if a garbage man has found treasure in the trash?

1ST DAY ON THE JOB: Are you starting a new job today? Where is it and do you need us to wish you luck? Should we call your boss and tell them you are on your way?

EMBARRASSED IN FRONT OF YOUR EX: You recently broke-up and BAM you ran into your ex out of nowhere. You tried to be cool about it, but embarrassed yourself. What happened when you tried to keep it cool?

NICE FINGERS: Carla Marie was told by a guy hitting on her that she had nice fingers. What does that mean? What bizarre compliment have you received?

TELEMARKETER TELL-OFF: The other day a telemarketer called Greg T's house. It wasn't Skeery Jones as Michael Oppenheimer… it was a real one. To get them off the phone, Greg T faked dropping his house phone and then told them the phone was broken and he couldn't hear them. How do you handle telemarketers?


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