8 TOES: 10 toes and 10 fingers right? Well if for some reason you only have 8 toes, let us know! We want to know why you have been shorted 2 toes? Where are your toes?

PROPOSING THIS WEEKEND: Love is in the air and you are ready to spend the rest of your life with this person. This weekend you are going for it. So if the proposal is going down this weekend, how are you going to do it? Tell us!

MOVING OUT: I’m not talking about just to a different apartment, I want to hear from you if you are moving out of the USA and to another country. Why are you moving? Why are you leaving this country?

: Are you pregnant? Did you cheat and get pregnant by accident, but you haven’t told the boyfriend yet? Let us help a little, tell us!

MR. ANNOYING: Who is the most annoying person in your office? Greg T has a friend that wants to punch this guy she works with because he walks around constantly clicking his pen!!! Click, click, click, click. She wants to scream! SO who is Mr. Annoying in your office?

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