Carla Marie is 26, so she's borderline "late 20s." When she came across this list on she wrote some notes about how much she has accomplished so far in life. Check it out below.







Carla Marie Ok, I'm 26 - the Late Twenties doesn't start for two more years right? I'm proud to say I've conquered a lot of what this Cosmo list entails. Except the ** ones...
Things to know before your late 20s...
** 1. How to Pack: I will forever overpack and not bring what I really need
2. Stick With A Career Path Even If It's Hard At A the Beginning: While fun, it was hard to find my place here at first, but I held out and here I am!
3. Quit a Job if you hate it: Uhh learned this one early, after being tossed into a dumpster by a co-worker at one of my jobs I knew I needed OUT!
4. Dress accordingly to what you think looks good, not what other people think looks good: I've always just done my thing with clothes, not really caring about what's in or out, just whatever is comfy and fits!
**5. How To Throw A Dinner Party: Oh no way, wouldn't even know where to start. Do I need Matching silverware? Because right now I have three different kinds that make my "set".
6. How To Fearlessly Ask For What You Want: Hey, you'll always regret not asking, like Cosmo says, whether it's a birthday gift or a raise...JUST ASK - I do!
7. Save Money: I'm doing it..slowly, but it's happening.

**8. How to Say No: Going through this now..I feel rude just saying "no" without an excuse other than "I don't want to"
9. How To Get What You Want In Bed: I'm a pro at this! haha!!
**10. The Body You the body you have: WRONG! Well, I failed at this one by getting a boob job. But I do love my body, always have, just love it more now!
**11. Whether or not you want kids: Right now I know there is not one ounce of me that wants them, but what if I change my mind??!??! Do I really need to know right now?
12. How to get home when you're drunk: Done. Have Skeery pay for the cab.
13. That You're a different person than when you were 19, and that's a good thing: I started to realize this once I started working here, you get into your own routine, your own life, and you start to learn about yourself, not you and your life with your friends, just YOU. It is WEIRD, yet really cool.
14. No matter how close you get to a guy, never neglect your closest most solid friends: You'll learn who your real friends are in your twenties...I've got two best friends that I trust and would do anything for- compared to the 10+ I had in college.
16. Eat Dessert If You Feel Like It: Easiest one! I LOVE COOKIES!!
17. You Should No Longer Give a Shit About What Mean Girls Think: EFF Bitches is all I have to say. Anyone that has anything bad to say does not even deserve room in your mind. bye haterrrrr.