It's the sound you hear from the speakers at clubs and festivals, it's the sound you hear in your headphones, and now, it's a brand new channel dedicated to dance music and dance music cultre - THUMP.

Media company VICE in partnership with Recreation Worldwide is launching THUMP, a brand new digital channel dedicated to dance music. THUMP can be accessed through their website, THU.MP, and official YouTube channel,

The new channel will follow everything going on in the dance music industry from the music, to the artists, events of all kinds, video premieres, and more. Additionally, dance music fans can expect to see exclusive artists content, original documentaries, music videos, a number of different editorial features and programming, among other content.

President of VICE, Andrew Creighton, says "We've created THUMP to tell stories that matter for fans of electronic music, through the best video content on the scene. So just stay awake - STAY AWAKE! - and enjoy."

Who can we expect to see on THUMP? Some of the hottest names in the industry, covering a variety of different types of dance music, including Dada Life, Bingo Players, Richie Hawtin, Above & Beyond, Tommy Trash, 2 Bears, Pretty Lights, Kill The Noise, Kevin Saunderson, Clockwork, and many more.

Check out the official teaser:

THUMP Programming:

MUSIC VIDEOS: THUMP will be the home to the music video premiers from the biggest stars to emerging artist across the broad spectrum of dance music. Launch videos will include Tommy Trash, Pretty Lights, Clockwork, Ali Love, with many more to come, from both the biggest names and exciting up-and-comers alike.

EXCLUSIVE ARTIST CONTENT: THUMP is home to the best and most exclusive artist content, including taking fans on tour with their favorite artists, behind the scenes looks at the creative process, and the creation of cutting edge live production.  Kicking off with the full length documentary 'Seven Days in Dada Land', in which Dada Life take a fan on the road for one week of the Dada Land Tour, filming everything that transpired on and off-stage and telling the bizarre story of what happened.

DANCES AND DON’TS: You either have it or you don’t.  Through THUMP's lens, they capture the stars and the rhythmically challenged alike standing out in dance culture worldwide.

SUB.Culture: Each week, THUMP explores the warehouses, lofts, and DIY underground scenes, beginning with a four-part look into Brooklyn’s thriving underground. 

WHAT IS ______ ANYWAY?: Each week a host loiters outside different nightclubs, underground parties, and music festivals, asking club-goers to describe what they just heard.  THUMP deconstructs everything from genres like house, techno, and trap, to the more obscure witch house. 

OTHERWORLD: Partying out of bounds, THUMP takes viewers on an immersive experience through far flung locations pushing the boundaries of the live event experience. Otherworld's first episode, The Apocalypse, brings us to Playa Del Carmen for the Day Zero, celebrating the prophesied Mayan end of days.

THE TEASE: THUMP pairs never before heard tracks with beautiful men and women doing weird activities in weird settings.