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John Dahlback has been a big part of the dance music industry for many years. His radio show "Mutants Radio" is broadcasted every week on Evolution, and as a label head, producer, and DJ, he's had a busy career.

We caught up with John before his set at TomorrowWorld where he talked about his new single "If We Were Gods," what superpower he would want, and more. Check it out below:

You are playing the Super You & Me stage at TomorrowWorld, right? And are you excited? What's your costume?

I am. I'm nervous. This is the first time I'm playing in a costume. I don't know if it's boring, but I brought a suit which is in the Swedish flag. I thought I will be representing Sweden tonight.

If you were a real superhero, what would be your super power?

To fly.

You just released "We were Gods." Tell us about that track?

Yes, [it's] like electro but still it's kind of in the vibe to it, so I'm really about about it. I've been hearing for so long now. I'm very happy that it's out, so finally.

If you were the God of something, what would you be the god of?

Airplanes! So I can get around easier.

[Buy "If We Were Gods" on iTunes]

You also recently released "Mutants presented by John Dahlback." What was it like putting that together? Was it difficult to choose tracks for it?

It was cool like it was basically all the most recent releases we had on the label. I always wanna bring out like new guys. There [are] so many talented guys that don't get more credit, and I just wanna make sure they're being recognized. 

Your show airs every Sunday on Evolution and it's called "Mutants Radio." Where did you get the name "Mutants" from?

Well, it's a track title, and then we thought that's a cool thing to build on, so that's what we did. But I mean, it's weird, I haven't seen like X-Men or anything like that, but it's just a good name.

[Listen to Mutants Radio on Evolution every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET]

What's next? What are you working on?

We decided on our next singles, so until March, it's pretty packed with, with the songs. It's good. It's sort of [a] surprise. There's still stuff I'm working on so I don't wanna mislead.

Are you touring?

Yeah, all the time. I was based in L.A. for the Summer, but I think I was only in the house for couple of days and then I was doing Asia, and South America, and Mexico, and Europe, and everywhere except for in L.A. So it's weird. So yeah, I'm touring a lot.

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