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Since the second we found out that Daft Punk was releasing a new album this year, the dance music community has been on high alert for any bit of news they can get their hands on - or should we say ears on. These guys could sneeze, and everyone would be up in arms.

But what do we know about their new record so far? It's being released on Columbia, it's called Random Access Memories, it's expected release date is May 21st (which is quickly approaching!), and it's iTunes page alludes that it has 13 tracks. Now, DP is giving us an exclusive look at the collaborators of their long-awaited return.

Through their new "The Collaborators Video Series" posted on their website, Daft Punk is letting the world know one by one, just who they've been working with all this time! The first episode features Giorgio Moroder, who talks about disco, working with Donna Summer, and of course Daft Punk and their precise, detailed studio habits. Check it out: