(Yahoo!) - Electric Daisy Carnival continued on Saturday night in Las Vegas with no shortage of marquis headliners. From Avicii to Tiesto, and from Rebecca & Fiona to Empire of the Sun, we could barely keep up with the talent that was spread out across the eight main stages.

Just before he took to the kineticFIELD main stage for his headlining set, we caught up with 25-year-old Dutch DJ sensation Hardwell in his trailer to talk about what he had in store for fans. It may have been the full moon over the Vegas desert, but something was in the air that had one of the nicest guys in the EDM world in a particularly upbeat mood!

So, we're here at EDC and you're headlining at the main stage ... are you excited? Nervous? Tell me about it?

I'm super excited! Of course! It's my second time on the main stage at EDC, but this is actually my first night time slot. To play at night with all the lights and everything … the production has never been as amazing at EDC as this year. So, to be a part of that, I'm super excited.

So, what do you have in store for your fans?

A lot of new stuff! I'm going to play my singles that people know, but eight new songs that people have never heard before. I think that's a good thing, trying to educate the crowd instead of just playing the hits that they expect me to play. I'm just curious what the crowd's reaction is going to be.

Who else have you caught this weekend?

Dyro played a really good set yesterday. Although he was almost opening the festival, actually it was so good that I just went in the crowd and started raging with the crowd. I wanted to experience the festival too instead of just partying backstage.

Do you get recognized in the crowd when you do that?

Yeah, that's the funny thing. I'm just human too and want to party and have a good time, as much as everyone else does.

Why do you think U.S. audiences are just starting to catch on to EDM and electronic music festivals in general?

Well, it was just a matter of time. It's the best music to rage to and it's the best music that fits in on the festival circuit. The pre-sales sell out in a matter of just an hour. All of the major DJ's are here. If you're not into EDM, you just need to go to a festival and experience it. Everything's amazing, the production is amazing, and everyone is happy.

Would you say you have a trademark song? Is it 'Spaceman'?

Well, yes. People always ask me about "Spaceman," and I think that's my signature song, and I still open with it. Not that I'm not a little tired of the Intro (laughing), but when they hear it, they know it's Hardwell time, and it's 'Let's go!' It's one of my biggest songs and it's so typical Hardwell and the sound that I'm trying to produce. It came out exactly the way and wanted it to, and I think that's why it's my signature song.

Earlier this week, EDC announced that next year in Vegas they'd have the first annual Dance Music Awards. What's your reaction to that?

Oh really? I didn't know that. I think, 'Why not?!' Awards are really cool. I think it's a very cool thing!

Here are 7 more performers who blew away the crowds Saturday night at EDC Vegas2013!


Diplo performing as Major Lazer:

Avicii / Empire of the Sun

Rebecca & Fiona: 

Carl Cox(Oh yes, oh yes!):

Tommie Sunshine:


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