(TMZ) - TMZ reports that "Buckwild" Star Shain Gandee was found dead in a vehicle in West Virginia this morning, 31 hours after the 21-year-old MTV reality star had been reported missing, this according to law enforcement. 

TMZ is reporting that according to officials, Gandee - along with 2 other bodies - was discovered in the vehicle in Sissonville, West Virginia. 

As TMZ previously reported, Shain was last heard from around 3 AM on Sunday morning, when he and his uncle David Gandee told people they planned to go 4-wheeling. 

It's unclear if 48-year-old David was one of the deceased people in the vehicle where Gandee's body was discovered.  

TMZ also reports that one of the people in the vehicle is Shain's father Dale - but that is yet to be confirmed. 

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