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Change is an important part of Paramore's new self-titled album.  In a special interview with MTV News, frontwoman Hayley Williams says it felt like a new band was recording the album.  And she admits that they'd be just fine with the set marking the beginning of the group for some people. 
Williams goes on to say that so much has changed within the band - including the departure of two founding members - that it was hard not to come out with something different.  And while Paramore certainly addresses those differences, Williams says the new music is also about moving forward.  She says the "drama" has been a big part of their lives over the past few years, but now they're ready to have some fun. 

Williams adds that the new album is also different in terms of its size.  She explains that they felt very ambitious this time around, and took risks by creating a longer album.  But she says they're excited about it, and they hope fans will be excited about it too.  Paramore, the album, is in stores now.