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(Yahoo!) - One Direction's Harry Styles and Liam Payne can finally put the pants behind them.

Earlier this year, the generally dapper Harry Styles suffered a humiliating prank at the hands of bandmate Liam Payne, whom for whatever reason yanked Styles's trousers down during a concert in London at the O2 Arena. 40,000 eyes in the 20,000 seat venue witnessed Styles's choice of strappy undergarments (which bodes plenty of conspiracy theories), as he was left to fend for himself by the rest of the group. But the singer took the blow in surprising stride, never missing a note.

Months later, Yahoo! caught up with the boys from One Direction and demanded a resolution for the cruel embarrassment. Luckily there are Hasbro's new One Direction dolls to help re-enact the moment and ease the difficulty of facing the sordid past, therapy session-style. Payne seems like a young man of pride, so what came out is what we coined a "bro-pology." Kind of a tough guy's apology that isn't the most sincere, but enough that they can go back to being true bros. That's all that matters in the end, right?


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