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If you had any questions about who the Queen of Twerk is - it's Miley Cyrus. Miley has debuted the music video for her new single "We Can't Stop," where she proves she is a Disney princess no longer.

The video shows Miley and friends at what looks like to be an absolutley insane party, complete with gold teeth, getting wet & wild in the pool, a lot of white spandex, and of course, TWERKING!

Before you feast your eyes on Miley's new video, check out a sneak peek with five amazing moments from "We Can't Stop."

1. Opening Frame: Is Miley under house arrest?!

2. This guy is eating a MONEY SANDWICH.

3. She spells "Twerk" with SpaghettiOs.

4. But then she shows you, she knows how to do more than play with her food. She twerks it out!

5. Then, she makes out with a doll version of herself .. in the pool.

Check out all the madness in Miley's new video for "We Can't Stop" below: