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Miley Cyrus seems to have had enough of the paparazzi.  The singer was swarmed by a group of photographers as she was leaving a doctor's office in Beverly Hills late Wednesday night. 

According to "E! News," Miley lashed out on a female photographer who apparently inquired if she was pregnant.  That reportedly caused Miley to send some expletives her way insisting that she was only sick. 

TMZ later captured a photo of the incident, showing the star holding up a copy of her personal test results while trying to shield her face from the camera flashes.  The site zoomed in on the piece of paper in Miley's hand, diagnosing her with a case of laryngitis based on images of her throat.  

Miley herself confirmed that she was ill, tweeting "#iwantmymommy" on Wednesday night. 

Photo Credit Getty Images