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Michael Buble has some words of encouragement for actress Reese Witherspoon, who appears on the singer's new album - and was also recently arrested for disorderly conduct. 

As Buble's "To Be Loved" scores the number one spot on the Billboard 200 this week, Reese is dealing with the embarrassment of her drunken confrontation with police last month. 

Buble tells "ET Canada" that Reese has made the best of a bad situation.  The singer says that in her handling of the incident, she's only reaffirmed to her fans that she's "a kind, humble, down-to-earth, real girl."  Buble adds that he hopes that he would show as much "graciousness" and "class" if he ever makes a similar mistake. 

Buble enlisted Witherspoon to duet with him on a cover of Frank and Nancy Sinatra's "Something Stupid" for the album, as he was a fan of her Oscar-winner portrayal of June Carter in "Walk The Line." 

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