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Hayley Willams is still reeling after a surprise phone call on Ryan Seacrest's radio show put her in touch with her celebrity crush, actor Jason Segel, Thursday.

The Paramore singer had confessed her crush to Ryan weeks earlier, and the host took it upon himself to do some match-making.  Hayley seemed flustered during the call, but was able to tell Jason that she was a big fan of his and would be spending her next day off seeing his new movie, Sex Tape, out in theaters on Friday. 

The actor told Hayley not to be embarrassed that Ryan had him listen to their conversation, and that he was "flattered" to be her celebrity crush.  Hayley then invited him to see her perform at their stop in Irvine later this summer, to which Jason graciously responded, "I'm always in Irvine in August. This is perfect!" 

Check it out below!

Photo: Getty Images