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(Yahoo!) - The word "twerking" may be so widely used that it's been added to Oxford Dictionaries Online, but there is one star who is over the craze.

"Can the world stop talking about twerking please?" Demi Lovato tweeted on Tuesday, referring to some of the butt-shimmying moves Miley Cyrus exhibited during her controversial MTV Video Music Awards performance.

But Lovato's dislike of twerking had nothing to do with Cyrus, she insists. The women are still friends – though the "X Factor" judge, who maintains a sober lifestyle, recently expressed worry over the "Hannah Montana" alum's partying.

She concluded with:

Lovato isn't alone in her anti-twerking views. The One Direction chaps recently discussed the topic.

"I think Miley's the best," Harry Styles told Moviefone when asked which 1Der was the best twerker. Niall Horan agreed, saying, "Yeah, Miley's the best. She's great."

But Styles seemed to get serious for a moment while talking about the dirty dance moves, which he doesn't think were right for all ages, including 1D's young fans.
"I think it's quite inappropriate, especially with the age groups that it's aimed at," he said. "I think, you know, it is promoting promiscuity."

Though keep in mind, Styles's twerking skills aren't exactly up to snuff. When he had a booty-shaking moment at the Teen Choice Awards in August, he was his own worst critic.

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