Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande appeared on The Ellen Show today to sing her hit single "The Way" with a special guest appearance from rapper Mac Miller. Ariana shined on stage and after singing she tweeted some behind the scenes photobooth pictures she took with Mac. Watch the video of her stunning performance below!


Season Six American Idol winner Jordin Sparks has been taking it easy lately, enjoying life and spending time with her man and "The Other Side" singer Jason Derulo. Today she shared a photo of him teaching choreography to some dancers for a live performance of the song. See the photo below!

Famed actor Samuel L. Jackson tweeted a photo of himself today for his appearance on the website Reddit. Holding an amusing sign he provided proof that he really is who he says he is and linked to his thread in the Movies subreddit. In the thread he is offering to read the most upvoted comment out loud in monologue form, as long as it is under three hundred words, as part of a fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Society. Check out the thread here and be sure to brainstorm what you would most like to hear Samuel L. Jackson say!

Grammy award winning singer Ne-Yo shared a mirror selfie of himself today on Instagram. He has taken summer style to an all new level with his outfit in this photo, which he captioned "Everybody can't do it..." Take a look at his outfit below and decide for yourself if Ne-Yo should continue doing it or not.