() Kaitlyn Hunt, 18, had her entire life before her. Graduation. College. Job prospects. The high school senior was just preparing to start her life when she found herself expelled and slapped with criminal charges over her engagement in a same-sex relationship. And what started as a relationship between two young women has snowballed into a legal battle that could land Hunt in prison.

The story has many twists, turns and oddities. And so far, only one side — that of Hunt family — is being told. The high school senior apparently met her girlfriend, who is now 15-years-old, on the school basketball team at Sebastian River High School in Sebastian, Florida; the two began dating at the beginning of the school year.

In a Facebook post written by her mother, Kelley Hunt Smith — the high school senior’s parent — spoke out about the challenges her daughter is facing. Smith described Hunt as a wonderful young woman with “an exemplary record at school and home.” A model student and daughter, she claims her daughter has never been in trouble prior to her recent run-in with the law.

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