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P!nk isn't one to be bullied - not even by her own fans.  On Saturday, the singer posted a letter to Facebook, addressing fans in Birmingham, England, where she was forced to cancel a concert due to illness last month.  She said that she would not be able to reschedule the date because of "a logistical nightmare" that is out of her control. 

While she gave her sincere apologies, she added that some fans had been sending her hate mail and had a few words for those who expected perfection out of her.  P!nk wrote that she has never taken her fans for granted, and has an "incredible record" of pouring her heart out onstage and not relying on background dancers to do her job.  

She added that she can't help that her two-year-old who gets sick often, and that it "saddens" her that some fans didn't give her the benefit of the doubt.  The singer ended by saying that she shouldn't have to worry about fans who turn on her "like rabid dogs" and question the "moral fabric" of her character.  The letter was signed "Alecia," her birthname, "the human also known as P!nk." 

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