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Kesha says she's sharing her story with the world in hopes that others struggling with eating disorders seek treatment.  The pop star has penned a personal essay in Elle UK, detailing her two-month stint in rehab earlier this year. 

She starts her story by recalling crying in a car with her mother on the day she checked herself in back in January.  The singer says while music has always been her way to cope with bullying, the industry sets "unrealistic expectations for what a body is supposed to look like."  She admits that after returning home from her world tour last year, she became paranoid of the paparazzi and feared leaving her house or using the Internet.  

Kesha also describes her life at a Chicago-area treatment center.  She says she slowly was able to open up in group therapy and made strides towards recovery.  The star adds that she is "not fully fixed" and "a person in progress," and wants her fans to know that when she preaches about self-love and acceptance, she means it "now more than ever." 

Read the entire essay here.

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