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Beyonce may have cancelled a show over dehydration and exhaustion last week, but she's now revealing that she's performed through health setbacks before.  In a behind-the-scenes video from her "Mrs. Carter Show" tour posted to her YouTube page on Tuesday, the star says she took the stage with a case of tonsillitis during her concerts in Croatia last month. 

In the clip shot just before Beyoncé walked on stage, she said she was feeling "quite nervous" because her doctor had diagnosed her with tonsillitis the day before.  She added, "I know that God has my back and that God will protect me," before the video cuts to her performing "Halo."  

In another new video from the "Mrs. Carter Show" tour, Beyonce talks about performing her new song "Grown Woman" for the first time in Paris.  She says she was "so happy" to see that fans there seemed to like it.

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