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Reader's Digest "100 Most Trusted People In America"

Reader's Digest

"Readers Digest" wanted to find out the "100 Most Trusted People In America." Tom Hanks got the highest score of anyone on the list 64%!  He was followed by Sandra Bullock with 63%.  Kristen Stewart is the least trusted movie star. 

Check out the full list, here.

Here's the top 10:

1. Actor Tom Hanks.

2. Actress Sandra Bullock.

3. Actor Denzel Washington.

4. Actress Meryl Streep.

5. Poet Maya Angelou.

6. Director Steven Spielberg.

7. Microsoft boss Bill Gates.

8. TV host Alex Trebek.

9. Philanthropist Melinda Gates.

10. Actress Julia Roberts.

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