RAGS TO RICHES: Greg T knows this guy who used to be the class clown, but now he’s a MILLIONAIRE! Do you know anyone who went from nothing to EVERYTHING? Did it happen to you?


THE FRONT COVER: What magazine could you be the cover picture on? Playboy, Better Homes & Gardens, People, Cosmo, Men’s Fitness, Elegant Bride? There are so many options!


CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: Greg T noticed one of his neighbors still has Christmas lights on their house!!! Why? It’s August! Are your Christmas decorations still up?


SUMMER LOVING: “Summer Lovin’, Happened So Fast…… Summer Lovin’, Havin’ A Blast!”… Who are you dumping at the end of the summer? How are you doing it?


WHAT’S THAT IN YOUR FRIDGE: Last week Carla Marie found eye shadow in her fridge! Why? She has no idea! What weird item do you have in your fridge?