Robert “Bobby” Tufts is probably one of the youngest and cutest mayors we have ever seen! Bobby, 4, has been elected for his second term of Dorset, Minnesota. The town is very small, only having 28 people living there, 22 if the minister and his family aren’t around and has no real governing rules!
Bobby’s winning election took place at the informal and annual “Taste of Dorset” festival where residents could cast their ballot for the price of $1. Proceeds from the voting booths go to the follow year’s “Test of Dorset” event.

Since being re-elected Bobby has had a train of cameras and interviews trying to get a piece of him. His mom says he’s taking the stardom very well, though he is a little tired!
Even though Bobby’s cuteness probably helped him get elected, he has a solid campaign. Bobby wants to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley in Fargo, ND. He has also expressed goals to get a new welcome sign for his town, Dorset.