Kanye West Tops a List of the Biggest D-Bags in Hollywood


There's a website called Ranker.com, in which someone creates a list, and people just vote.  Well, when somebody created a list called The Biggest D-Bags in Hollywood, was there any doubt that KANYE WEST would top it? Accompanying Kanye on the list, just in second place, is his Baby MaMa, Kim K and more!


Here’s the rest of the Top Ten..


1.  Kanye West


2.  Kim Kardashian


3.  Chris Brown


4.  Donald Trump


5.  Kris Jenner


6.  Spencer Pratt


7.  Rush Limbaugh


8.  Justin Bieber


9.  Glenn Beck


10.  Rosie O'Donnell



(For the full top 50 click here.)