Jennifer Lopez is signed on to co-star alongside Antonio Banderas in the Chilean miner film, "The 33."

The announcement comes just DAYS after J.Lo made headlines for interrupting a radio interview to take a call where she confirmed that she just landed a movie role she really wanted: CLICK HERE if you missed it.

The new film is based on the true story of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped about a half a mile beneath the surface after a cave-in at their mine in the Atacama Desert in August 2010. The Chilean government and international drilling experts made a tremendous effort to rescue all of the men only 69 days later.

There's no word on what role the “Live it Up” singer will play, but this is just one of many commitments that will keep her away from the judge's table on American Idol.

The 33” is directed by Patricia Riggen and will be shot this Fall in Chile.

Source E!, The Hollywood Reporter