Details over the baby of X Factor's Simon Cowell are still fuzzy, but this is what we've pieced together so far:

  • Simon Cowell is had an affair with his friend's, Andrew Silverman, wife Lauren Silverman.


  • Andrew Silverman and Lauren Silverman are allegedly separated. 


  • Simon and Lauren may have been having an affair before she separated from Andrew.


  • Andrew has filed divorce papers that accuse Lauren of "adultery" along with "cruel and inhuman" treatment.


  • Apparently Simon was blindsided by the pregnancy and thought she was on birth control.


Simon made the following public statement,  "There are some things I will eventually clear up when the time is right, but I really have to be sensitive because there are a lot of people involved here."


We're curious to see the rest of this story unfold. Is infamous bachelor Simon ready to be a parent and a full time partner to Lauren?


Thumbnail Source: Getty Images