After going under the radar for a long time, Lady Gaga has finally emerged in time to prep for the up-coming release of her new album, ARTPOP.

Lots of rumors have been circulating about what exactly Gaga was doing when she stayed out of the spotlight for the first half of 2013. Her people claimed it was a “hip injury”, but Gaga is looking facially different than she did before.

Many are suspecting that in addition to weight loss, the pop star got some “work” done of her face. We think her nose looks significantly SLIMMED DOWN!

Last week we reported that she posed NUDE for V Magazine (and she looked amazing) and yesterday Mother Monster released video footage that shows her getting her nose pierced. OUCH! 

Lady Gaga was also recently named the highest paid celebrity under 30 by, so maybe she can forget the pain by swimming in her $80 million dollars.