Oh you know… it’s just a normal ab-tastic day for David Beckham, 38. He’s taking it off in his new commercial for men’s fragrance Classic.


Will people actually buy his scent because it smells divine or will they buy it because they’re mesmerized with the British ‘football’ player’s washboard torso?


In the commercial, Beckham portrays a secret agent, complete with a tailored suit.


He recently commented, “My new fragrance, Classic, is an expression of my style… modern, elegant, masculine… I love it. And hope everyone will love it as much as I do.” He continued, “I wear it on the same occasions as most men: after training, after a shower, when I’m going out…”


Also in the works for David is a UK children’s TV program, titled Game Changers, which will get kids interested sports.


Rock on David Beckham, we will forever be your #1 fan!