ABC's daytime talkshow "The View" is undergoing a lot of changes! Legendary journalist, shower creator and co-host Barabara Walters made the announcement in May that she would be leaving the morning show in the Summer of 2014. Shortly after fellow co-host Joy Behar also announced her departure. It is rumored that Jenny McCarthy could be taking her place.

Now rumors of EVEN MORE departures are running rampant.

Despite Barbara vigilantly saying that their token blonde Elisabeth Hasselbeck would remain a co-host, best friend and fellow co-host Shari Shepherd slipped during an interview with Wendy Williams, alluding to Hasselbeck’s departure.

She told Wendy Williams,”The two black women are left; usually, they kill us off in the beginning.” And then quickly tried to back track by saying she couldn’t confirm anything.

No official statements about Elisabeth’s seat at the table have been made by THE VIEW or ABC, but we suspect that Brooke Shields is slotted to replace her.

Check out Shari Sheppard's faux pas on The Wendy Williams Show below: