The Hollywood lifestyle may have taken a toll on Lindsay Lohan, but here’s something that will make you smile.  Actor, Ben Affleck met with Lindsay Lohan while she was in rehab to show his support.  Just like a family member, Ben met with Lindsay and offered her advice and support.  Back in 2001, Ben Affleck was in rehab himself, so he knows exactly what she is going through. 

Its reassuring to know that not only fans, but other actors care for their Hollywood pals even at their lowest point.  This was a pretty random thing for Ben to do, which is why people assumed he went to visit her and offer her a movie role, but nope Ben was just there to show some support. What a great guy!

That was super sweet Ben, but maybe you might want to visit Amanda Bynes…girlfriend needs all the support she can get!


Wish there was a pic of Ben and Lindsay together in real life, but until then.. enjoy our photoshop version! 




Source: Getty Images