Woah, is this Selena Gomez?

Some nudie boobie pics have been floating around the internet that some suspect to be Disney good-girl Selena Gomez! We are hearing that they are pics pulled from her hacked cell phone...

Hum, who could they have been taken for? (Is Biebz a boob guy or a butt guy?)

The pics first leaked to Tumblr this past Wednesday, but have now spread like wild fire. In some of the pics you can see her nipples, in others just a hint of breast is peeking out. 

HERE'S THE THING.... you can't actually see Selena's face in any of the pics, but super-fans have been inspecting chest moles and say they match up. (A really good Photoshop hack perhaps?) We can't wait to see how this situation plays out...

WE CAN'T LINK TO THE PICS, but we're positive you can find them yourself without trouble.... Cue Google, Selena Gomez tumblr hacked pics.

Thumbanil source: Getty Images